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Ethical Guidelines

The following ethical guidelines apply to all the facilities available at this website.

  1. Opportunity to discuss/Support
    Members who administer questionnaires should provide all clients with the opportunity to ask questions to clarify the meaning and implications of the report, whether for themselves or the team.
  2. Provisional nature of results
    Clients should be told that no report is ever 100% accurate and therefore encouraged to consider whether the results of the reports are correct. Reports are to be used as a starting point for a discussion so that the individual or team can come to their own conclusions. Individuals or teams are the final arbiters of their own reports.
  3. Used non-judgmentally
    The questionnaires and reports should not be applied to individuals in a judgmental manner, or in any way that damages self-esteem or imposes a limit on an individual's functioning or potential.. They are unsuitable for use in recruitment, performance appraisal, or any other application where one person makes an important judgement about or affecting another person.
  4. Maintenance of Expertise
    Members should ensure they develop and maintain an appropriate level of expertise for the questionnaires being used, to be able answer client questions about the reports, and and to deal constructively with any individual or group emotional reactions that may occur. If members are unsure whether they have that expertise, there are various independent organisations that provide relevant professional development - please contact us for a referral.
  5. Other
    All the terms, conditions and privacy requirements of this website should be observed.

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