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Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

This website (http://www.metarasa.biz) is owned and operated by Team Technology ("we" or "us"). You can contact us via the page at http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/contact.html. Registered members of the website may be referred to below as members and/or as an administrators. Other users may be referred to as users or clients.

Please read these terms, conditions and privacy policy carefully because they contain important information about your use of the website, and by using this website you agree to all the terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms, conditions and privacy policy, please cease to use this website. If you are a registered member and breach any of the terms and conditions then we reserve the right to suspend your membership.

This website is available to both members and non-members (also referred to below as "clients"). Members are registered with the website and may purchase, use, and administer the facilities in the member's control panel. Non-members may only view the public content of the website and use the published facilities as clients of the members. This document has three sections:


Membership and Applications

Members are professionals and have substantial experience of management, or leadership coaching, or team development, or group facilitation, or business psychology, or related training/education/consultancy. In registering with this website you warrant that:

Membership of the website is at our discretion, and we reserve the right to revoke any registration. Once a member, you must abide by these Terms and Conditions at all times. If you don’t, we reserve the right to remove you as a member of the website.

Use of facilities

This is a commercial service where you purchase credit and then use that credit to administer questionnaires. You need to purchase a minimum of £50-worth of credit in any transaction. No refunds are given. If you register but make no purchase within one month, we reserve the right to delete your membership account.

You agree to use the facilities only for the purposes intended as described on the metarasa.biz website, in the user guide, in our ethical guidelines, and in the reports - see http://www.metarasa.biz/publicarea/articles/help/ for more information. You will not make any attempt to misuse, break, copy or reverse engineer any part of the system or reports.

You agree that, by registering, you will have a profile page on the website so that people completing your questionnaire can see who is administering it. You must use your real name, and not engage in any activity to hide or deceive others about your identity or experience/qualifications.

You will only use the facilities and publish report content that:

NB: our main server and services are based in the U.K. so your use of the facilities is governed by U.K. law. You may also need to adhere to additional local laws if you are not based in the U.K..

You take full responsibility for your use of the facilities and any additional content that you and/or your clients create for inclusion in the reports. We do not accept any responsibility for any member- or client-generated content of reports that you publish. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to remove any report from the website for any reason at any time (for example, if it potentially breaches our terms and conditions).

Copyright and Trademarks

The copyright of text, images and trademarks in the auto-generated report and standard website content remains with Team Technology. You warrant to us that you own the copyright, or have the necessary permission, of additional text that you publish in online reports. The copyright of such text remains yours or the copyright holder's.

You must not use our trademarks other than in relation to our facilities and reports. You must not use any other trademarks that do not belong to you unless you have the owner’s permission. For example, if you publish any other material outside our website discussing the MMDI questionnaire you must use the expressions "MMDI" or "Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator" with a TM mark in the first occurrence. You must not describe the questionnaire as "MBTI" or "Myers Briggs Type Indicator" as these are registered trademarks of OPP in the UK and Europe, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the U.S. and other countries.

Personal Use

Membership of the website is authorised for your personal use only. You agree not to divulge your password nor allow anyone else to access your account (which would also be a breach of the Computer Misuse Act). If you wish to close your account you can propose other people as members and, if their membership is approved, ask that any outstanding credit be transferred to them, but you may not assign your account to someone else.

Disclosure of information

When administering a questionnaire, you should determine in advance who will need to see the report - whether it is an individual or a project report - and how long you are going to make the report available to them online before you archive it. You should then ensure that those involved (people who complete the questionnaire and recipients of the reports) are aware of, and will adhere to, the boundaries of privacy that you have defined.

When producing a project report that includes client-generated text - e.g.: from a THC (Team Health Check) questionnaire - you should review and edit the report text before publishing it to ensure that the report does not contravene personal privacy, legislative requirements, or cause offence.

Deletion of Data

When the information is no longer required online, you should archive the project. This will render the links to individual and project reports inoperable. For a period of time (typically 12 months following the creation of the project) you will be able to restore the reports. Our system will then automatically delete archived projects. If you or a client requires a permanent copy of the report, please print it or produce a pdf (using software such as cutepdf - see http://www.cutepdf.com for more information).

Disclaimer of liability

We will do our best to maintain a simple-to-use, fast, up-to-date website. However, we do not give any warranty as to the availability of the website. There will be some periods when we may need to make the site unavailable for a short time - e.g.: for maintenance or upgrade of the facilities. If you wish to be notified of forthcoming system unavailability, then please ensure that, in your settings, you allow system administrators to send you emails. We will also display messages on the website advising of planned system non-availability. We will not be responsible for any loss arising from:

We cannot and do not exclude any liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence. We also cannot and do not exclude any liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.


This part of the Terms and Conditions applies to all users of the website. If you do not agree with any of them you must cease use of the website immediately.

Use of website

You agree to make fair and legal use of the website, and limit your use to the purposes for which it was intended. You must not do anything that might:

When you are given links to a report - whether your own personal report or a project report - you agree to keep that link private - i.e.: to share it only with the limited group of people that the member administrator will have identified prior to clients completing the questionnaire.

Responsibility for administration of facilities

Responsibility for the administration of questionnaires and the publication of reports lies with the registered member. The system produces auto-generated reports based on questionnaire responses. Some reports can also include comments made by other people who complete questionnaires or comments made by the members. Members have the facility to review and change those comments before publishing the reports. We do not monitor or control their use of these facilities or the content of the reports.

If you have any concerns about the use of a facility or content of a report, please contact the member administrator in the first instance. The member has the facility to make reports unavailable, even after they have been published. We accept no liability for member's use of the facilities and we are not responsible for the content that members or clients publish in reports. Any opinions they express, whether in reports or in separate communications, are the opinions of the member only. However, we do reserve the right to remove reports and/or suspend membership. If you are not satisfied with the response you get from the member to your complaint about their use of the service, please tell us if:

This website may contain links to other websites. There are provided for your convenience only. We are not liable for the content of any other website that you may access.


Team Technology (“we” or “us”) takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy sets out how we use your (members and clients) information and the restrictions on members' use of clients information.

Information we Collect About You

The metarasa.biz website makes use of cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer in order to record your visits and hold security information about your access to our system and/or the questionnaires you complete. Although you may set your internet browser to reject cookies, doing so will prevent you from using many of the functions of the website. For more information please visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org.

The website automatically collects certain information about you, such as:

If you are not a member, and have not completed a questionnaire, this information does not identify you. It is held for internal purposes, to monitor how the website is being used.

If you have registered with our mailing list, we will use your email address to send you information about the website and our services.

If you are a member, we will send you emails relating to the operation of the website and services only, and for no other purpose (you can opt out of these emails by changing your "settings").

Processing your information

If you complete a questionnaire, then your name, email address, IP address, questionnaire responses and (if relevant) your individual report are stored and made available to the member who is administering the questionnaire. This information remains available to you and the administrator via a (private) link until the member administrator deletes it. Your responses and report are then archived. For a period of time the administrator can restore it. Eventually (typically after 12 months) our system will delete the archived project automatically. If you want a permanent copy of your report, you will need either to print it or to produce a pdf copy (e.g.: using software such as cutepdf - see http://www.cutepdf.com for more details).

Client information is used for the purposes of administering the questionnaire and producing a report only. Members are not allowed to use this information for any other purpose. Members are not allowed to disclose client information to other parties without this having been agreed with the client or made clear in advance of completing the questionnaire

Member responsibilities

If you are a member, you must not use client details for any other purpose than administering the questionnaire (unless the client has previously and separately given their permission, outside the scope of this website). You must treat all information in accordance with the principles of the UK Data Protection Act, Electronic Communications Act and other relevant legislation. For example, you must delete the data when it is no longer required (using the archive facility in your control panel). You can find more information about the Data Protection Act at http://www.ico.gov.uk. You can find more information about the Electronic Communications Act, and other legislation, at http://www.legislation.gov.uk.

Who We Share Your Information With

We do not share your information with anyone except:

If you are a client who has completed a questionnaire, you agree not to distribute a project report or provide the project report link to anyone other than those people identified as valid recipients by the registered member.


We do our best to keep your information secure. The website has security features such as backups and firewalls etc..

If you are a member, you must also take reasonable precautions to keep you login information secure.

All users of the site should take reasonable steps to keep the report links private and secure.

Members who administrate the facilities may be based outside the European Economic. By using the website you acknowledge and agree that your information may be transferred outside The European Economic Area.


Please make sure you keep your information up to date. Registered members may update their information at any time via the control panel. We may contact you to check whether the information we have is up to date. We need to do this to comply with our legal obligations.

Links to Other Sites

There may be links to other website from our website. These sites may have their own privacy policies. We recommend that you view these policies. We are not liable for any use made of your information by such websites.

Google uses cookies to provide us with site usage information. You may opt out of Google's cookie system at their website, for example see: http://www.google.co.uk/privacy_cookies.html.


We may change the Terms and Conditions from time to time. We will notify registered members of changes via an email from site administration and/or by placing a message in the settings or control panel. Members will need to accept the new Terms and Conditions to purchase further credit.

English law applies to these terms and conditions and privacy policy. Any dispute between you and us will be heard by the English courts. You are deemed to have accepted this when you use the website.

These terms and conditions, and privacy policy, apply to the metarasa.biz website.

©2020 Team Technology
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