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THC - Sample Team - Introduction

The information contained in this Team Health Check report was gathered via an online questionnaire which asked people to give their views on how well the team is performing. Each person assigned a score to each of the predefined categories (see below) and also made comments to clarify their score. This report provides a summary of their views, and the average scores assigned for each of the questions are as follows:

low scores Average Scores high scores Score
goals 4.3
organisation 5.7
achievement 6.9
change 5.1
relationships 6.8
problem solving 4.9
communication 5.6
vision 4.7
values 6.5
overall feeling 6.3

The average result for a team, when doing a Team Health Check for the first time, is for there to be one or maybe two red bars, a few yellow bars, and a few green bars. The results of this Team Health Check therefore suggest that the team is doing fairly well, but there are areas that can be improved.

On each of the pages of the report (see menu, left) you will find:

The "print" page provides all the results on one page in a printer-friendly format.

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